Sinofuran Holdings Corporation was founded in 2006, which is one of the Chinese leading manufacturers of furfuryl alcohol. Our company is led under a professional, international management team. The management polices emphasize on "management, safety, quality; research and development, advanced technology, reputation". With excellent quality, reasonable price and timely delivery, Sinofuran already gained the business and trust of many enterprises in the industry. Our products are exported to United States, South Korea, Japan and other countries. Through our continuous efforts and pursuit, Sinofuran people believe that we will eventually achieve the win-win situation working with you.
Sinofuran Holdings Corporation is highly competitive due to the newly invested furfuryl alcohol automation production line with an annual output of 50,000 tons(First project) as well as the large furfural raw material in northeast hinterland and the abundant hydrogen resources from Jinhua Chemical Technology Limited. Our company is expected to grow even faster benefits from the plan of Huludao Jin Xing Casting Material Limited Company (20,000 tons of furan resin, 6,700 tons and 9,000 tons of alkaline phenolic resin curing agent) in 2013. Working with us can be just the right place, the right time with the right people.  
Sinofuran Holdings Corporation is located in “the first city outside Shanhaiguan” – Huludao. Huludao is a traditional chemical industry center in China. This area has many chemical enterprises operating by talented people and providing full services. Huludao is in the south of Bohai Sea, in the north of Yanshan, and in the west of Shanhaiguan. The city is recognized as the gate of Liaoning province and the entire northeast region. It is also connected many major cities in northeast and central China. Huludao is a convenient transportation center with the Beijing-Shenyang Expressway, high-speed rail system, the Huludao port – a natural ice-free port with a moored ship capacity up to 10000 tons, and Jinzhou port only within 40 kilometers away. It is also close to Jinzhou airport and Shanhaiguan airport. It is an ideal location especially for business utilizing all the transportation resources in the region. Huludao is a beautiful place with a pleasant climate year round. The nearby historical Xingcheng and Jinzhou Beacon Hill are both famous scenery destinies to visit. The beach, the ocean, the blue sky and the local characteristics seafood will definitely make your stay memorable. And best of all, Sinofuran people welcome you with all our hearts!


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