Chemical Name: a-furan methanol
Molecular formula: C5H6O2
Product Information: Furfuryl alcohol is a furan derivative, also named furan methanol. It appears clear to light yellow liquid and turns brown or brownish-red when exposed to air and sun light. It is soluble in water, ethanol, and ether.
Major application: Furfuryl alcohol is widely used as material in foundry industrial, chemical preservative and organic synthesis industry.
Purity 98.0% min
Moisture 0.3% max
Acid content 0.01mol/L max
Density (P20), g/cm3 1.159-1.161
Refractive index (ŋ20D) 1.129-1.135
Cloud point 10℃ max
Furfural content 0.7% max
Packing: 240kgs new iron drum net each or 20’ ISO-tank

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