Chemical Name: a-furan formaldehyde
Molecular formula: C5H4O2
Product Information: the product is a hydrolysate made from agricultural materials. It appears light yellow or amber liquid with almond taste, without mechanical admixture. The color changes gradually to sepia during its storage.
Major application: Furfural is generally used as material of furfuryl alcohol production, a selective solvent in refining lubricants in petroleum industry, and also can be used in synthetic resin, medicine and agricultural chemical. It can also be compounded into resin used as assistant and solvent applied in the industries of food, perfume and dyeing.
Purity 98.5% min
Moisture 0.2% max
Acid content 0.016mol/L max
Density (P20), g/cm3 1.159-1.161
Refractive index (ŋ20D) 1.524-1.527
Initial boiling point (IBP) 150℃ min
Dry point: 170℃ max
Packing: 240kgs or 250kgs new iron drum net each or 20’ ISO-tank

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